The bookworkshop is located in Hommelvik. The main task is to produce books for the Waldorf- Shools in Norway. Otherwise, ring binder and similar products are made. Everyday the bookworkshop provids work to about 10 villagers and 2-3 coworkers.

The Weavery:

The Weavery is located at Jøssåsen. Weaving ,kniting and felting are the main processes in this workshop. The fabric is sewn to dresses, jackets and more. The Weavery provids work for 3-5 villagers and 2-3 coworkers monday to friday.

The Herb Workshop:

In the herb garden, the main produceds are herbal tea and herbal salt from the herbs grown in the garden. Use and (re)use of what is in the environment, is central. All products get a nice package. The workshop is open 2 days a week. Four villagers and 1-2 Coworkers work here.


The woodgroup produce split wood. The wood is then used for the central heatingsystem of the village, it give warmth and warm water to the houses and the cabins. Here 2-5 people work with 1-3 Coworkers. 

The farm and garden:

The number of people working on the farm varies according to need. At the beginning of the year, there were 16 cows and young animals, 23 sheep, 2 turkeys and some chickens. The entire operation is DEBIO approved.

House as a workplace:

In each house dinner is prepared every day for up to 10 people. The work is carried out by an coworker and a villager. Besides cooking, they take care of different housework.